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12th July 2012

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Hi! For those who have been following me... I am back. Sort of. I won't be using this account anymore though and will be using this one instead for my DJing...feel free to check it out and follow if you're interested in that aspect of my blogging! (http://www.djdistinct.ca) →

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24th November 2011

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24th November 2011


mlgfreakinlu-deactivated2012030 said: I miss you.

I miss you too! How did you like providence?

8th November 2011

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There is a group of people. They do not follow bands, instead they relate best to DJ’s. They do not prove themselves in how much they suffer, but in how much they love. They come from all walks of life; during the day, you cannot tell them from the average robot in our society. But when the dark comes, they flock to one place. The place changes every time, but they’re not going for the scenery, they’re going for the sake of togetherness. While most are up at night worrying about who they’re going to have to impress tomorrow, these people are forgetting their problems and focusing on something that is greater than the sum of its parts: universal peace, unconditional love, eternal unity, and unquestioning respect. These people are ravers, those places are raves. These people form a family, and if you’re lucky enough to be a part of that family, thank the stars every day that you are alive because you understand a sublime serenity of which most cannot even dream.


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8th November 2011

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thoughts on the new modern warfare? personally i believe it’s not really much different than mw2 but to be honest thats what i wanted. i missed mw2 a lot.

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22nd October 2011

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below-all-else said: you play halo!? As in reach, or H3?

I was more into mw2 but just before the reach beta came out i switched to h3 until reach came out, and now i mostly just play that whenever i actually play haha

21st October 2011

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finally played halo after a loooooooong hiatus

CRAZY dude, i miss this game :(

12th October 2011

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my tattoo! obviously still red and I just got outta the shower, but I <3 it!

my tattoo! obviously still red and I just got outta the shower, but I <3 it!

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11th October 2011

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got my first tattoo!


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19th September 2011


disciplesanthem-deactivated2011 said: I miss you! I feel like we haven't messaged in forever!

I agree. I have been working way too much lately. :S It looks like I will be on xbox soon though when I get home from this road trip!